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Art inspires us to see the beauty within


Sherita's Inspiration

Once upon a time, Sherita Sparrow was perplexed by her dream career as a Graphic Designer, working for a national magazine company. She could be creative, get paid, and avoid the “Starving Artist” stigma. Yet, deep down in her heart, Sherita knew her “dream job” did not align with her professional goals. It lacked vibrancy and human connection. It is a chance encounter with a flier that leads Sherita to her destiny. She's invited to create art with seniors living in a nursing home. This is the turning point that changes her life.

The Ah-Ha!

At the start of the session, Sherita feels nervous and unsure of the outcome. By the end of the hour session, something is revealed... There are smiles and a sense of accomplishment showing on each resident’s face. At this moment she realizes art transforms lives beyond words and she can make a difference. So she follows her intuition and makes a leap! From that moment she knew there was no turning back. Sherita realizes she is called to help this unique population.

The Accomplishments

After earning two art degrees and more than17 years of experience working with seniors and individuals with special needs, Sherita is a World Class Therapeutic Art Practitioner. She is highly regarded as a teacher, speaker, and Art Master. She's featured in publications like Delaware News Journal, Delaware Today Magazine, Catonsville Times,, and Caring for the Ages Magazine. Sherita is also a Certified Activity Professional, Certified Dementia Practitioner, and Certified Art Practitioner.  She’s received many awards and recognition for volunteering in her community.

The Expansion Process

Sherita also empowers and motivates healthcare professionals, family caregivers, and artists through creative curriculums and interactive workshops! She developed these specialized training to support aspiring artists, healthcare professionals, and caregivers who want to use art to enrich lives. Through Sherita's programs, individuals gain confidence in using art holistically with clients. As a result of working with Sherita, you are able to create, connect, and inspire others with success.

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View a few works created by Sherita here

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