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  • What is the difference between Therapeutic Art and Art Therapy?
    Therapeutic Art" and "Art therapy" share a similarity in using art holistically.The Feather's Touch does not utilize art to medically diagnosis or treat mental illnesses. We focus on providing a non-threaten environment for individuals to creatively express one's self, while healing the spirit.
  • What qualifies The Feather's Touch expertise?
    It is important to The Feather's Touch to provide a quality product and service. Our therapeutic art sessions are customized to benefit all walks of life and levels of capabitiies. Our sessions are based off 17 years of experience and art research. We are proud to hold high-quality standards in therapeutic programming.
  • How many instructors do you send out to facilities to provide sessions?
    We usually have one Therapeutic Art Specialist per session or facility visit. Our staff are compassionate and knowledgeable individuals who embrace all artistic efforts of clients. Each specialist have a creative arts background and experience working with the senior community.
  • Does The Feather's Touch,LLC offer sessions on-site?"
    In times of COVID-19, we are currently not offering on-site session. Yet, we do offer virtual experiences that clients have comee to love. As things change, we will resume our on-site visits.
  • What level of capabilities must a client have to participate in your therapeutic art sessions?
    We work with all levels of capabilities. This includes individuals with high or low functioning as well as individuals with Alzheimer's or Dementia, Quadriplegia, Paraplegia, Huntington's disease, Parkinson, Special Needs, and intellectual disabilities.
  • What are the benefits/ results of therapeutic art sessions?
    Our Therapeutic Art Sessions: Promotes relaxation, encourage creativity and imagination Offers a creative way of communicating feelings when words are not enough Strengthens relationships and builds connections Improves concentration and circulation
  • Does The Feather's Touch,LLC offer medical advice?"
    The Feather's Touch dose not treat, diagnosis or provide medical advice. We solely use art as a healing tool that enhances the mind, body and spirit.
  • What kind of materials are utilized during sessions?
    We use non toxic materials to ensure safety and care, while making art. Our materials vary from acrylic paint to molding clay; depending on our clients' need.


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