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Art inspires us to see the beauty within


Sherita T. Sparrow is The Healing Artist and CEO of The Feather’s Touch, LLC. She uses art to heal the world emotionally and spiritually so that it's a much better place. Native of Wilmington, Delaware, Sherita fell in love with art at a young age and it’s been stitched into every part of her ever since. Without art, life would be blah!


As an artist, Sherita uses her brushes, acrylics, and canvases to explore the complexities of the world amidst mistrust and injustice. Through her vibrant paintings, she brings a sense of brilliance, warmth, and flair to any space. Her paintings have been featured on the cover of publications like Helpful Living Magazine to bring awareness to mental health. And her artwork adorns high-top sneakers, t-shirts, and vegan leather clutches through “Off the Canvas Collection”. The brand is geared towards women, men, children and even our furry friends who want to look fashionable, too.

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As an advocate, Sherita uses her creative gifts to give a voice to the voiceless. Her work extends to providing holistic art sessions at nursing homes to elders, helping the youth heal unspoken trauma through creative expression, and beautifying neighborhoods with her whimsical murals. Sherita is passionate about what she does and is grateful to serve on the Advisory Board of the Jack A. Markell Trail Art Program to bring more life to the city through public art and installations.

As an educator, Sherita uses artistic passion and empathy to encourage others to build a career that adds to their higher purpose. Currently, she offers an Art & Memory Care Certification and a Triple Healing Reiki Coaching Program.

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In addition to her courses, you can learn and apply her proven methods through further resources, such as Boss Artist: Self Made - Self Paid that inspires others to use their artistic ability to enrich lives. With The Healing Artist: Connection-Creation-Compassion, she shows others how to share their gifts to help others thrive and contribute to something bigger than themselves. Additionally, her newest publication, "Love & Abundance Mandala Journal", allows you to freely color with daily affirmations to open the door to manifesting what you desire.


Sherita T. Sparrow, The Healing Artist, ignites your natural gifts and true purpose to connect your Mind, Body and Spirit.

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