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Creative Workshops

Our holistic team building experience takes staff beyond the surface. We offer staff the opportunity to connect with one another in a different way through creative processes. We love working with companies that understand the value of investing in their employees mental health.



Maintains Retention - Boosts Staff Morale - Builds Stronger Relationships -  Contributes to Work Balance


Virtual Lunch & Learn

Inspire -Reconnect - Re-energize Your Team

Did you know "Stress" is the health epidemic of the 21st century? Stress interferes with staff's productivity, performance, and impact on relationships at work. Studies show that companies that invest in their employees recover quicker. And we can help!

retreat details

Timeframe & Location (Virtual)

  • Full-Day or Half-Day Retreat

  • On-site at your location

Goals & Objectives

  • Establish a safe space to share and brainstorm new ideas

  • Illustrate ways to manage time for more productivity

  • Engage in a multi-sensory session that promotes building a resilient team

Type of Presentation

  • Interactive/ Hands-on

  • Creative Exploration

  • Role Play

  • Lecture/ PowerPoint

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You want to

get staff excited and united around a New mission or movement.

You want to

get staff to step back from their day-to-day work tasks and rejuvenate.

You want to

build stronger bonds between staff and set goals for the upcoming year.

This PROGRAM is for you if...

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Schedule Your Staff Retreat, today!

Share with us a few details about your organization below. Then we'll get in touch with you to customize your retreat.


“Thanks so much!!! We all had an awesome time. It was so nice in so many ways. Our staff even called us afterward to thank us -Kelly & Kasey, CEO of Biggs & Featherbelle-

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