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Art Transforms Lives Certification
The ART TRANSFORMS LIVES Certification is a national and professional credential in the field of Therapeutic Art for Certified Art Specialists (CAS). We use art as a therapeutic tool to encourage freedom of expression. We do not use art as an intervention for diagnosing or treating individuals. We offer meaningful experiences that are creative.

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The ATL curriculum is customized for you to learn therapeutic art with ease. In just six months—from anywhere in the world you can begin moving towards making an impact in your community. There are six training modules (6 pillars) plus, art demos, done-for-you templates, scripts, and forms so you can feel confident and get amazing results!

Pre-approved Instructor

Sherita Sparrow, ADC, CDP, CAS

To learn more or enroll, go here: http://www.arttransformslives.com/


MEPAP 2nd Edition consists of 20 core content areas (learning modules), which have detailed competencies for each area. The course prepares a student to meet the Standards for Professional Preparation in Activity Services. The MEPAP 2nd Edition course is required to apply for national certification with opportunities of ADC and ACC levels, as well as AAC Track 3, AAPC and some  ADPC.

Pre-approved Instructors

MEPAP Part 1: Dawn Worsley, ADC, EDU/MC/ CADDCT,CDP

MEPAP Part 2: Sherita Sparrow, ADC, CDP, CAS

To learn more or enroll, go here: http://mepapcourse.wixsite.com/upgrade


A New Leaf On Life: Utilizing Art Approaches to Enhance Senior's Quality of Life
Discover the effectiveness of therapeutic art for seniors living in nursing homes, assisted living, adult day cares and similar settings.

Fly Like An Eagle: Creative Care Plans for Individuals with Quadriplegia
Learn how to establish a creative care plan to meet the physical and emotional needs of individuals with quadriplegia or spinal cord injury

Rose Colored Glasses: Engaging Individuals with Vision Loss in Art

Apply techniques and approaches that establishing amazing breakthroughs for clients with vision impairment.

The Energizer: Recharging Activity Professionals for the New Year

Identify ways to find work-life balance, decrease stress, boost productivity, and enhance professional growth

Wings of Transformation: Adaptive Arts for Seniors

Learn how to modify arts and crafts to transform the needs, interests and capabilities of seniors in long-term care

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NCCAP Certification / MEPAP
The National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP) is one of the Certifying Bodies recognized by 
Federal Law, and incorporated in many state regulations. NCCAP exclusively certifies activity professionals who work with the elderly.

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