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Danielle Fisher (Pictured with her Grandmother)

"My granny has Alzheimer’s and sometimes communication can be limited and difficult. However, our art sessions give us something to talk about and an activity that we can share together. At x-mas time we made ornaments and I put both mine and my granny’s on my tree at home. This way every time I get out those ornaments at x-mas, I’ll always remember that was a project we did together even after she’s gone."

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Art That Soothes the Mind & Spirit...

Lindsay Robey, Resident Program Director

"The best part of working with The Feather's Touch is that no matter what functional level your clients have, they will adapt beautiful works of art and creative crafts to meet that level, which gives everyone a sense of accomplishment and success. I have worked in three assisted livings, with both residents in general assisted living and residents with Alzheimer's or other cognitive impairments, and have used The Feather's Touch in every one. I would recommend them to anyone."

M. Glennan, Artist in Residence (Pictured)

"I love The Feather's Touch! The art sessions make me feel calm and peaceful."

O. Dickens, Artist in Residence (Not Pictured)
"The Feather's Touch sessions are very relaxing and I love meeting with friends for laughter and creating art. It gets my creative juices flowing!"