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Therapeutic Art -vs- Art Therapy

What is the difference between Therapeutic Art and Art Therapy?
"Therapeutic Art" and "Art therapy" share a similarity in using art holistically to heal the mind, body and spirit of individuals. Unlike some Art Therapy practices, The Feather's Touch does not utilize art to medically diagnosis or treat mental illnesses. Instead, we provide a non-threaten environment for individuals to creatively express one's self, while healing the spirit.

What qualifies The Feather's Touch expertise?
It is important to The Feather's Touch to provide a quality product and service. Our therapeutic art sessions are customized to benefit all levels of seniors.
We carefully evaluate each session to uphold standards in therapeutic programming.

Our Creative Staff
How many instructors do you send out to facilities to provide sessions?
We usually have one Therapeutic Art Specialist per session or facility visit. Our staff are compassionate and knowledgeable individuals who embrace all artistic efforts of clients. Each specialist have a creative arts background and experience working with the senior community.

Scheduling Sessions with The Feather's Touch,LLC...
How often does The Feather's Touch,LLC visit a facility?
We visit according to unique needs and interests of the senior community. On average we visit facilities on a weekly and bi-weekly basis.

Does The Feather's Touch,LLC visit on special occasions?
Due to our extensive clientele, it is imperative to establish a consistent schedule to guarantee a customized program that benefits your clients.

Clients We Serve...
What level of capabilities must a client have to participate in your therapeutic art sessions?
We work with all levels of capabilities. This includes individuals with high or low functioning as well as individuals with Alzheimer's or Dementia

What are the benefits/ results of therapeutic art sessions?
Our Therapeutic Art Sessions:

  • Promotes relaxation, while decreasing restlessness or disruptive behavior
  • Offers a creative way of communicating feelings when the individuals becomes non-verbal
  • Strengthens relationships and maintains positive interaction with loved ones
  • Improves concentration

Does The Feather's Touch,LLC work with children or other groups besides the senior community?
Our clientele initially consist of seniors living in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and adult daycare. We now extend services to community centers, schools, hospitals and other similar organizations.

Medical -vs- Healing Art...
Does The Feather's Touch,LLC offer medical advice?
No, we do not treat, diagnosis nor provide medical advice. Our sessions are solely used as a healing art that enhances the mind, body and spirit of individuals.

Artistic Materials...
Do you provide materials with each session?
Yes, all materials used in a session are supplied by The Feather's Touch,LLC.

What kind of materials are utilized during each session?
We use non toxic materials to ensure safety and care for seniors while making art. Our materials vary depending on the session.

Art That Soothes the Mind & Spirit...


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